8 Fitness Vacation Ideas For Your Next Active Getaway

Fitness vacation guests do intervals on the beach.

Getaway: Fitness Vacation Ideas To Try

Thinking about taking a fitness vacation? There are so many benefits to going on an active getaway versus the traditional vacation of overindulgence. We are all familiar with the typical vacation where there’s way too much food, maybe some adult beverages, over indulging in sweets and not getting in regular workouts. There’s nothing wrong with over indulging here in there but many vacations lead to over consumption and under activity — which leads to feeling sluggish and tired.

Fitness vacations allow for the opportunity to come back from your vacation feeling refreshed and energized. You might even better than you did before. Because these types of vacations are focused on movement, you’re likely to move your body in ways that you’re not used to. While there, you will most likely be exposed to different fitness classes that you’re not used to. If you’re on a more adventure focused retreat, you might be doing good amounts of hiking or adventuring with activities like kayaking, swimming and paddle boarding.

Most fitness vacations offer some type of healthy fare giving you a nutritional boost. Whether there is portion controlled involved or not, most of these getaways offer a menu of whole, fresh foods and often times there are either local or organic offerings as well. In addition, you can almost always find an element of stress reduction in any active vacation as well. Whether that comes in the form of meditations or stretching sessions, yoga or just quiet time for yourself, there are ways to relax and de-stress all while enjoying a good amount of activity. 

At Vita Vie Retreat we get a ton of questions about our fitness vacation and what the benefits are. While, we would love for everyone to come to us for your healthy retreat, we understand that everyone wants and needs something different. One of the biggest things you need to consider when wanting to take a fitness vacation is what type you would like to go on. There are a number of different options from fitness and weight loss to adventure, hiking, backpacking and more. We’ve got our top 8 different types of fitness vacations listed below to help you figure out which one best suits your needs.


These types of vacations are focused on working out daily. Many have a structured schedule while other programs have a large class offering with multiple classes to choose from each day. Some vacations focus on mostly on indoor training while others utilize the beach, parks and outdoor areas as part of their daily schedule. You’re most likely to be exposed to classes you’ve never tried before and an array of movement from intense to restorative. You can really hone in on what you might way to add into your daily routine at home and establish some sound habits that will help you stay motivated well after your retreat.

One To Try: Vita Boot Camp


So many healthy getaways focus on hiking. Hiking is a fantastic, low impact way to move your body. Plus, you’ll probably see some beautiful scenery while you move. Many of these holidays include guided group hikes daily with a range of beginner too advanced. This way, no matter your ability level, you’re sure to find a hike that you’re comfortable with and one you truly enjoy.

Find Hiking Tours: Backroads


Adventure vacations usually bring a little more intensity, an element of excitement and some added adrenaline in to the mix. Think trekking from one rim to the other in the Grand Canyon, hiking and kayaking in Alaska or climbing to snowy alpine peaks. Whatever your pleasure, adventure vacations mix the elements of fitness, physical endurance and sport.

Jetsetter Has 7 Ideas To Try (From Alaska to Mongolia): Adventure Vacations


It feels like there is always an element of wanting to shape up on a fitness vacation. There are some offerings that focus on fitness, eating healthy and cleaning up your health routine to allow for a tighter, toner body. Whether you’re hiking across an ice lake or working out with us on the beach, most people choose an active vacation to maintain or jumpstart their weight loss in some way.

One To Try: Red Mountain


Ready to cycle your way through beautiful countryside? What a way to tour a new destination! Plus, you’ll get the added benefit of getting in some cardiovascular conditioning while you pedal your way through new terrain. Whether you’re an avid cyclist or just a recreational rider, there are many cycling getaways to choose from.

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Love the paddling though the water? Experience breathtaking scenery, enjoy an active vacation and discover new places. Whether you’re looking to stay in North America or paddle abroad, there are a number of different kayak and canoe vacations to choose from.

TourRadar has an updated 2019/2020 list to choose from: Amazing Kayak & Canoe Tours


The United States (and beyond) offer many national parks to take advantage of. Many of them offer a range of activities for your fitness getaway. Whether you want to stick to hiking or venture into climbing, zip lining, kayaking, rafting or off road jeep tours, there is something you’re sure to want to try out. Plus, you’ll get a healthy does of history and knowledge all at the same time.

Find One: National Park Adventures


Love the winter? You might be interested in a vacation that takes you out West for activities like ice fishing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling! If you love the snow and/or the mountains, these types of active vacations are for you. You can move and keep active with winter activities all while enjoying the outdoors and beautiful white snow.

One To Try: Brooks Lake Lodge & Spa

Ladies running on the beach during fitness vacation.


We suggest doing your research before booking your getaway. Determine what your goals are and what your needs are. From there, you can figure out which options is best for you. Committing to a fitness vacation can have a number of benefits from recharging and getting re-inspired to falling in love with a new activity or destination. You might have to try a few before you find your favorite.


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