Vita Vie Retreat appeared to be just what

I was looking for…

Beach environment, tasty menu, vigorous exercise, and ZUMBA!!! For the next 5 days I heaved, grunted, and sweat my way through line drills, Pilate's (yuck), looooong walks on the beach sand (which is no easy task for a girl my size) for a total of 5 hours per day.

If your are looking for a similar get away, I HIGHLY recommend Vita Vie.

Read full testimonial here: Mandisa Official
— Mandisa Hundley, American Idol


On behalf of Tiffany and I, I would like to express our greatest heart felt thanks!  Despite all the moaning and groaning, we both agreed we had a wonderful experience and hope we can recreate it again some time in the future with you and your team.  We left with renewed energy and motivation for wellness, better habits, and best of all great memories of our days together.  You have built a fantastic program with a perfect balance for the Core-3 of mental, physical, and nutritional education.  We look forward to finding time to do a repeat!

— Nora & Tiffany (April 2019)

“Thank you for an awesome retreat!”

We just landed safely back in the frozen tundra. Thanks for a great week & lots of learning! We loved it.

Take care.
— Barbara (January 2019)

“What a great experience.”

Training sessions took me out of my comfort zone and had me using both mind and body. Wonderful variety, awesome trainers. I highly recommend the retreat for anyone who wants to up their fitness level. In addition, the hotel and spa were amazing. Do not miss this.

Margot- thank you!!!!!
— Carolyn (December 2018)

“Thanks again for kicking my butt…”

and pushing me through some of the hardest days working out I’ve had in a long time!  I am thankful for your patience and enjoyed the other classes you had set of for me also.

— Gayle (June 2018)

“Everything we wanted and more.”

Kira and I loved it! We had the best time working out with you on the beach and enjoyed all of the other classes and instructors. Really loved the fact that not only were we busy but also had free time to enjoy the beach and the area.

We are planning a yearly return!
— Lynn (November 2018)

“A refresher.”

Thank you so much Margot! The retreat was such a refresher! Been working out since I’ve been back home. You've motivated me to not snack at night and I’m staying on track. I need to keep the mind set I've got right now!

Will keep you posted!
— Jennie (October 2018)

“Family fitness adventure”

We had a great time on this adventure! Working out at the beach was awesome. My son, my daughter and I all loved it.

— Marilyn (April 2018)

“We loved it.”

Just a fantastic job! It was so perfect! We absolutely enjoyed our private retreat so much. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

— Tracey (March 2018)

“Perfect jumpstart for me, Margot!”

Thanks to you and your team for kicking my butt. I can't wait to get into a full swing fitness schedule at home. I'm already signed up for classes this week.

Take care and you'll see me again (hopefully soon)!
— Ann (February 2018)

“I enjoyed my retreat again.”

Hi Margot! I really enjoyed my retreat (again). See you in 2019!

the meantime, be well and awesome, as always!
— Jackie (February 2018)

“Thanks for making it crazy fun.”

Margot, Thanks to you and your team for an awesome week… I feel so recharged, detoxed and mentally ready to focus even more on fitness. I’m sticking with the clean eating and will continue my journey. Your boot camp was tough but thank you for making it crazy fun.

— Janet (June 2017)

“My sister and I got so much out of it.”

Hi Margot, Thank you for an amazing week. My sister and I got so much out of it. Thank you for all of the home workouts. I'll be reviewing them an implementing all of the workouts and eating well at home.

We're already looking forward to returning again!
— Cathy (May 2017)

“You keep it interesting.”

When I came last year, I thought the program was challenging and exciting and that there was no way you all could top it. My experience this year was equally as challenging yet you offered a different variety to keep everything interesting. I’m so impressed and will definitely be back for a 3rd time! I enjoyed The Seagate very much and look forward to staying here in the future.

— Richard (April 2017)

“Your retreat was the best investment!”

Your retreat did something for me that I honestly didn't think was possible. Since I left Del Ray Beach, I am down a little more than 16lbs. I've been very consistent with my work outs. Instead of spending money at a bar or restaurants, clothes I'll never wear and other useless things, I've invested in various work out classes which I take 5/6 times a week and I think I'm the most athletic I've been since I was a teenager. I eat very healthy ( and consume a good amount of chocolate daily - will not give that up!), I cut down on drinking and unhealthy habits. I frequently think about those beach work outs we did and the image of that beach view just gives me such motivation. Your retreat was just the best investment hands down. I'm very happy I chose to go with Vita Vie and will hopefully come back sometime this year for a round two with some friends (still putting together bachelorette).

— Erika (January 2017)

“My wife and I enjoyed an extended weekend retreat at the Seagate Hotel in Delray as organized by Vita Vie.”  

The instruction provided was excellent and aggressive enough for are core, yet not too intimidating for regulars.
The hotel room was great and the meals provided in the program were healthy and satisfying.  We would highly endorse Margot and her team.....excellent program!

— Michael (June 2017)

“Thank you for a wonderful stay!”

I really enjoyed all of the instructors and everyone at Seagate---all very personable people. 

Hope to see you again in the not too distant future.
— Gray (November 2016)

“I feel able to be active again.”

Margot and my Vita Vie experience made me feel capable of athletic activity for the first time in 60 years!!!!

— Barbara (April 2016)


I just spent 3 nights & 4 days at Vita Vie and I had the most amazing fabulous wonderful time! The Seagate Hotel is deluxe too! Margot runs a well organized and diverse retreat and all of the classes were fun and doable! Meals were delicious and it was nice to have 3 different restaurants to go to. We had a class of 4 for my days there and we all bonded and laughed our way through the exercises...which made it all the more fun! We 4 plan to Reunion there next summer for another round with Vita Vie! Best 4 days I've spent anywhere in a long time...thank you so much Margot for my lovely Spa Facial too! I already miss my new best friends, Laura, Kim Philly & Bill!

— Kim K (May 2016)

“I am feeling better than ever.”

Hi Margot!  Just wanted to give you another update. I recently ran a half marathon in Vancouver! It was a fantastic (painful) experience, but wanted to thank you and everyone at Vita Vie for helping me kick off this healthy lifestyle. Will hopefully run another one of these this year and tackle a full marathon next year!

— Joanna (March 2016)

“Thank you for an awesome retreat!”

Dear Margot, You and your team have been an inspiration to me! Thank you for taking the time to put this retreat together for us! I am so inspired by your drive to live your passion. I will definitely be back! I will highly recommend this to my friends.

— Emily (March 2016)

“I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I enjoyed Vita Vie Retreat.”

There is really nothing better than working out on the beach! Vita vie was really well organized from the schedule of events to the meals. You made it easy to jump in and get moving!

Thank you so much.
— Lori (January 2016)

“One of the best experiences of my life.”

Bella Boot Camp was by far one of the best experiences of my life, and I am 63! After a week at Vita Vie, Margot and her staff helped me realize that good health and daily exercise are possible and fun.

Thank you.
— B. (November 2015)

“Thank you for a great 4 day retreat.”

My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed our time spent exercising, eating healthy and our massages at the spa. Your program was wonderful, knowledgeable and had talented instructors. I was impressed with their ability to adjust the routines for different ability levels. As a middle-aged physician, I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to enjoy workouts with my 22 year old daughter. We had a blast! This kind of healthy getaway was a super way to spend time with her. She thought her time with the nutritionist was very helpful as well.

You run a great program, and we plan to return!
— Cheryl (November 2014)

“I want to express my sincere thanks for this week.”

What I am taking home from this experience has changed my outlook in so many ways. Not only physically with all I've learned in these incredibly challenging workouts but nutritionally & integrating and adapting my lifestyle to focusing on my health and fitness has been paramount. You pushed me hard and wouldn't let me slack and as tough as you are, I thoroughly enjoyed it all.

You all have given me a re-start in life. I can't thank you enough!
— Laura (March 2014)

“You have NO idea how much your program improved my focus and replenished my spirit.”

I am SO missing you guys and all of the intense, heavenly workouts. Vita Vie also allowed me to meet and bond with some of the most amazing, inspiring women I've ever had the privilege to experience. I WILL be back to Vita Vie, and hope to bring my daughter.

My deepest appreciation!
— Cheryl (July 2013)

“Your retreat changed my mindset and my thought process.”

I have been back home for nine days now. Over the past week, I have found that I am more aware of each and every choice I make regarding the activities I participate in and the food I am eating. Since I've been home, there have only been two days where I have not exercised! I wanted to say "Thank you" to each of you for the great time I had at Vita Vie. Each of you were very motivating to me and with that has come a renewed sense of self and focus. The retreat has been a wonderful experience for me as I am sure it is for many of your clients.

I look forward to seeing all of you again.
— Jen (October 2012)

“Boot Camp made me realize how I could mix things up when I got back to my daily life.”

I felt stronger all around, especially my upper body — probably from all of the push ups! Overall, it was a great experience.
— Sowmya (August 2012)